Conference: Polymer-bitumen binders use in road construction

Date: March 15–16, 2016

Dear colleagues and friends!

We invite you to take part in the 6th international conference “Polymer-bitumen binders use in road construction”.

The conference will be held on 15-16 March 2016 at the Lotte Hotel (8 bld.2, Novinskiy Blvd., Moscow).

«ROSNEFT BITUMEN» is the sponsor of the conference.

Session Partner: KORRUS-TECHNICS

Conference Partners: AMMANN, UCG, Pörner, Shell Bitumen

The conference is supported by: TA BITUM, STARCO, AEROPLAN PRO, Roadway Solutions.

We have evidence that PMB Russia’s market is developing: increase of PMB volume growth, building of new manufacturing plants and capacity expansion. PMB becomes one of the key products in road construction. The highlight of the previous conferences was the use and production of PMB technologies. Now the focus of the 2016 conference will be actual experience of the use of innovative PMB technologies in road construction in Russia and abroad. PMB producers will speak about PMB quality improvement at the conference.

The following topics on the agenda are: 

• Prospects of regulatory, legal & technical framework improvement in terms of PMB application regulation

• Logistics. Storage. Quality control. Interaction of PMB producers and dealers with end users

• Actual improvement of binder-based characteristics compared to regular bitumen-based asphalt. Benchmarking of binder-based bitumen modified with different polymers

• Test results for the binder applied on the Tsentravtomagistral roads, and modified with various rubber granulate-based additives

• New polymers for bitumen modification

• PMB development and application in Europe

• Experience of PMB use in the construction of airport runways & taxiways

• Experience of design, laying, operation of pavements with binders on bridges

Among confirmed participants: «Rosneft Bitumen», Tarmac, Ammann Russland, TOTAL, MASSENZA, Arizona Chemical. Sibur, LUKOIL, Gazpromneft BM, Astec Industries, Lemminkainen Stroy, BAOLIRUS, CASPI BITUM, KONIMPEX, Agrotekhservice-NPK, AMDOR, Avtodorstroy, Betas, Donaerodorstroy, Eurobitumen, Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) Administration of Civil Airports, Institute Stroyproekt, Road technology, KazMunayGas-RM, Kotlasskiy khimzavod, Lenaeroproject, LIG, Neftebitumen plant, Nombus, NP “ROSBITUM”, Orenburgremdorstroy, Petroleum Trading, RN-SPEKTR, Samara Bitumen Company, St. Petersburg state agency «Directorate of transport construction», Tatneftedor, Techprogress T, Telko, Trud, Tsentravtomagistral, UCG, VAD.

The conference’s delegates can enjoy special prices for room reservation at the Lotte hotel.

For registration and more information please contact us on +7(495) 775-07-40 or e-mail: