Conference: Russia’s crushed stone market 2015

Date: May 28–29, 2015

Conference: Russia’s crushed stone market 2015

Date: May 28–29, 2015

Venue: Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel (31A bld.1 Leningradsky prospect, Moscow)

Conference's Partners: Shcheben Karelii, SCANIA, Binder+Co, KORRUS-Technics, Pits of Eurasia Association.

Session partner- PROMNERUDTRANS

Dear colleagues and friends!

We invite you to take part in the international conference “Russia’s crushed stone market 2015”.

The conference will be held on 28-29 May 2015 in Moscow. We invite all broken stone producers and consumers as well as government officials to consider the situation on the market, prospects for further development.

Among the conference’s participants are: FAS, The State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor), Karelia’s broken stone producing company “ Shcheben Karelii”, NerudGarant, RosdorNII, Mayer Astkh, Vostochnye Berniki, Korostansky Shchebzavod, DANKO, Freight One, JSC New Forwarding Company, Ukrzaliznytsia, Petrozavodsk Shipping Company, Kokkomyaky, Association “Quarries of Ural”, Bazalt AG.

Key topics on the conference’s agenda are:

• Economic situation in Russia and its influence on construction aggregates’ market
• Demand in crushed and broken stone while implementing construction projects: capacity, quality requirement, size ranges
• Crushed stone supplies for railway projects
• Competition on CIS and EU countries crushed stone market
• Analysis of crushed stone freight rates in 2015
• Rail transportation of crushed stone and construction aggregates in Russia
• Possible delays in rail deliveries
• Dynamic of river traffic: new routes
• Financing of crushed stone deliveries
• Crushed stone production in Russia’s regions
• Application of new state regulations
• Innovative technologies: optimization of business-processes
• Foreign experience in crushed stone producing and use 

Among 2014 Conference’s participants were: Karelia’s broken stone producing company “ Shcheben Karelii”, Promnerudtrans, Scania, Astec Industries, Inc. and Bazalt (BAG), GSP-TREID, Korrus-Technics, Scania, Basalt (BAG), Karelprirodresurs, Regional Ministries, Joint Stock Company «Russian Railways», Ministry of the Russian Federation for Land Policy, Construction and Housing and Utilities, CMPRO, Transnerudholding, Main Directorate of Industrial Enterprises «Granit», non-profit organization OJDPS, FAS, Kokkomyaky, Joint Stock Company «Freight One», Petrozavodsk Shipping Company and many others.

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