Conference: Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes in Russia

Date: November 25–26, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

MAXConference with the assistance of the First Freight Company (PGK) and Independent Transport Company will hold a conference “Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes in Russia”. The conference will take place on Nov 25-26 2010 in Moscow in the Marriott Aurora Hotel.

The focus of the conference are recent and ongoing changes in the Russian market of rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes caused by the shift in open-cars ownership from the state to privately owned companies.

Our event aims at gathering all interested parties of the Russian railway market, representatives of mining and smelting industry, and government officials in a bid to discuss real-life issues of the business.

Among key topics of the conference’s agenda are:

  • State regulation of rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes
  • Creation of the Second Freight Company (VGK) and its influence on the structure of the rail deliveries
  • Rail tariffs for mining and smelting cargoes’ deliveries. Basic types of differential tariffs.
  • Analysis of industrial production and mining and smelting cargoes’ volumes transported by rail domestically and outside Russia
  • Transport services provided for mining and smelting companies. Peculiarities of rail transport of mining cargoes in privately owned rail cars
  • Cooperation between producers and freight forwarding companies
  • Railway deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes in other CIS and Baltic States
  • Interstate regulation of open-cars amid transfer to privately owned ones
  • Export destinations for mining cargoes. Problem of liaisons between transport companies and ports
  • New technologies of cargo loading. Cross-shipments. Introducing swaps for rail deliveries.
  • The quality of open-cars. Prospects for adaptation of new types of cars

We invite representatives of all interested government bodies, Russian Railways, privately owned freight companies from Russia and other CIS states, top managers of mining and smelting companies, investment banks and firms.