Conference: Use of geosynthetics in road construction

Date: May 24, 2016

MAXConference held the 1st international conference “Geosynthetics in Road Construction”.

Moscow, May 24, 2016.

Over 80 delegates from Russia, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Belarus shared their knowledge on the use of geosynthetics in road construction. Among the attendees there were representatives of road construction companies, design bureaus, customers, manufacturers, regulators, researchers, and test labs.

The conference was opened by Igor Astakhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Road Agency. In his speech, he highlighted the activities FRA performs to improve the demand for geosynthetic materials applied in road construction, enhance production growth and geosynthetic consumption, optimize and innovate state purchasing procedures practiced by FRA and lower organizations. The expert noted that Russian design companies, contractors and customers are getting more and more interested in geosynthetic materials, from a practical standpoint. Mr Astakhov invited domestic manufacturers of geosynthetic materials to take part in FRA activities on the improvement of methods for material quality control and regulatory compliance in road construction.

The audience was highly stirred by the presentation delivered by Daniele Cazzuffi, Chairman of CEN TC 189 who was talking about the procedure for standardization of geosynthetics application regulatory requirements. According to him, 6 special technical groups work on the development and harmonization of standards in Europe, and the committee operations are supervised by ISO. Every single one of the 33 member states can only apply specifications that comply with European standards.

However, the proposal on creation of a similar national committee for geosynthetic material standardization in Russia, voiced by the manufacturing companies’ representatives, has got a cold shoulder of the authorities. Nikolay Bystrov, Chairman of Technical Committee 418 on Road Construction stated that, according to the committee and Federal Road Agency’s position, particular road structures must not be standardized in Russia. ‘Formation of a national committee will result in straightforward lobbying of the geosynthetics manufacturers’ interests’, said Mr Bystrov.

Close attention was paid to upcoming trends and design solutions regarding geosynthetics application in road construction. There was a special session dedicated to such issues as the application of geosynthetics accounting for the specifics of compatibility between flexible and asphalt-concrete pavements in hot summer season, use of geosynthetics for weak base embankment reinforcing, geogrid performance assessment methods, etc.

Experts from Maccaferri, Miacom, Tensar, Huesker, Karl Mayer, and Terre Armee introduced innovative geosynthetics applications for road construction and new manufacturing equipment.

Representatives of research centers and labs talked about the methods and equipment they use to test geosynthetic materials; they also highlighted the issue of testing-related expenses and the problem of quality test results difference resulting from the use of different equipment types; they also discussed the prospects of independent test labs.

MAXConference extends its gratitude to speakers and experts from the following companies and organizations: TC 418 ‘Road Construction’, Federal Road Agency, European Committee for Standardization (CEN), VTM Dorproekt, OPYTNOYE regional certification center, Maccaferri, Sibadi research center, VNIIGS Testing Center, ABZ-Dorstroy, TSK Research & Development Institute, VAD, KALUGADORZAKAZCHIK state public institution, Megateh Engineering, Stroyproekt institute, Soyuzdorproekt Institute for the design and survey of highways, Miacom, Tensar, HUESKER, Glavnaya Doroga, State Technical University of Saratov, Mashteximpex, Karl Mayer Technische Textilen, Terre Armée, GEXA.