Conference: Russia`s LPG Market

Date: December 06–07, 2018

The 9th international conference «Russia’s LPG Market 2018», held in Saint Petersburg on 6-7 December 2018 at CORINTHIA Hotel St Petersburg, has successfully concluded its work.

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz – general partner of the conference

Avestra Group – official partner of the conference

Refinitiv – strategic partner of the conference

KASTOR – evening reception and session partner for «Transport and logistics. Developing the port infrastructure to support exports»

Hexagon Ragasco AS – session partner for «Regional retail markets development»

SGS – conference partner

Kavkaz-Diesel — support

Speakers and delegates from Russia, Germany, Italy, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Estonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus participated in the conference.

MAXConference annually brings together LPG market players to discuss the latest developments in the industry, to take stock and to identify trends for the next year. They traditionally place great emphasis on trading instruments and price trends in Russia’s LPG market.

Dmitry Mironov, head of derivative products sales at Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, made a presentation on the development of the LPG derivatives market in Russia and new market-based instruments. He said that a large number of market-based instruments make the market better-saturated, more attractive and transparent. «Thanks to the producers and regulators, Russia’s market enjoys the most correct quotation for LPG sales, unrivalled elsewhere,» proudly said Mr Mironov.

Dmitriy Matveev, head of crude hydrocarbons supply at SIBUR, believed that LPG prices in Russia reached record levels in 2018, China being the main demand growth driver in the wake of expanding petrochemical capacities.

Ivan Altynov, director of LPG division at Avestra Group, then provided an analysis of Chinese LPG market development. He spoke about specifics of LPG transshipment via the Manchurian terminal, which was completed within the One Belt One Road development strategy adopted by the Chinese government.

Damir Khalmetov, LPG market expert from Thomson Reuters, followed up on the review of terminals and LPG deliveries and provided a comprehensive assessment of LPG export flows from Russia.

Representatives of such world's leading companies as NGLStrategy (US), OPIS (UK), Euro Gas (Serbia), Facts Global Energy (UK) gave their take on the situation in the global LPG market.

Discussions of pricing and LPG consumption in Russia’s neighbouring states stimulated a particular interest in the audience. This session featured presentations by Sergei Kamornikov, deputy director general for crude hydrocarbon supply and sales at Belorusneft, and Ivan Kudinov, UPECO analyst, specializing in Ukraine’s LPG market.

LPG transportation and logistics formed another important cluster of the conference. Mikhail Burmistrov, director general of INFOLine-Analytics, provided an outlook of LPG transportation market and associated rolling stock.

Domestic LPG consumption market duly received its share of focus. Conference participants were keenly involved in discussions of key aspects of the development of regional LPG markets and retail sales. «The level of gas infrastructure development in the Russian Federation varies between 61.8 and 68% in 2018. Using composite gas cylinders may be a viable alternative,» said Elena Dovgal, CEO of Hexagon Composites Rus.

Konstantin Ruban, CTO of Volga Gaz, delivered a multimedia presentation on import substitution and government subsidies in constructing pipelines for commercial propane/butane mix.

Conference participants were unanimous in supporting the relevance of the conference theme and offered a broad-based momentum to resume the discussions next year.

MAXConference offers special thanks to our speakers, moderators and panellists.

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